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920 N. Salina St, Syracuse NY

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*Booking for 2025 with limited 2024 dates available. Contact us to see if your date is available.

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  • What are Bridal Party Vlogging Cameras?
    We introduced these into many of our late 2023 weddings, these are tiny point and shoot cameras (think of your dad on vacation camera) where we give each side of the bridal party one camera and tell them to go crazy and we take them back later on during the night. These cameras are very small and we include a very stylish sling for them so it's not a hassle to carry around! Our clients have LOVED these cameras, we may not use the footage from them, but we definitely give you all the footage. Its always so fun and amazing to go back and look at what your bridal party was doing and saying! From leaving little notes, voice memos, etc to partying on the party bus!
  • Are you LGBTQ+ Friendly?
    Absolutely! We're proud to be LGBTQ+ friendly and celebrate all forms of love. We strive to create a welcoming and respectful environment for every couple's special day.
  • What exactly is the Ceremony Highlight/Reception Highlight?
    The Highlight videos are simply EXACTLY what happen! The Ceremony Highlight video is the Ceremony from start to finish with 3+ Camera angles to ensure we get everyone's good side. Now when we say 3+ cameras a lot of people think they will just be in the way and ruin photos, etc... But these are placed far away and strategically so nobody will even know they are there! We then edit the video with all of the audio and camera angles and piece it together. If the ceremony is 15 minutes its a 15 minute video, visa versa if its a 2 hour ceremony. For the Reception, unfortunately its unrealistic to have a 3-4 hour video, plus delivery of the video will be a huge pain. So for the Reception we take the same formula with all of the camera angles, but instead when we edit we go back and piece together all the formalities together into the video for example the, speeches, first dance, etc. And the video length is ultimately depending on each wedding and the formality's that take place! This can be anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour. These two videos are simply just a easier way to navigate all the footage and for those who one day want to just watch the Ceremony, and for those who one day want to watch their first dance/speeches.
  • How long after the wedding will we receive our video?
    Our typical turnaround time for everything is 8-12 weeks after the wedding day, for clients that got the Social Media Teaser, the Social Media Teaser is posted within 1-5 days of the wedding. In some cases we may finish your wedding video early (3-4 weeks) depending on backlog, and in some cases a little bit later. We keep all of our clients in the loop and let them know as soon as we are finished up with their film!
  • What does your All Day Coverage mean?
    All day coverage for us means that we start around the same time as the photographers, which most of the time is at the tail end of prep. We work with our clients to figure out the best time for arrival prior to the wedding day. And we stay until the DJ pulls the plug! In some cases we may take off early if its a longer reception, and if all the formalities are done. But we will not leave until we capture everything important!
  • Do you travel outside of Syracuse?
    Yes! We most certainly travel outside of Syracuse. We will travel wherever the adventure takes us! There is a travel fee added on for anywhere 1.5hrs outside of Syracuse. 😀
  • Do you collaborate with our photographer and other vendors?
    Absolutely! We have worked with SO many amazing vendors, and most of our clients come from referrals. We get countless compliments from other photographers, and we like to think we are one of their favorite to work with in the area. We like to make things fun, and not be so overbearing. I hear horror story's all the time about other videographers and its truly sad. I also think we are most favorited because we pack so much snacks and water to weddings and always offer it to the other vendors lol.
  • Do you offer any special discounts or promotions?
    We do occasional promotions throughout the year, specifically 2-3 times a year at random. We do also have a Military Discount of $250 off any package.
  • What is required to book?
    Our booking process is extremely easy! All we require upfront is a 25% retainer and contract filled out to secure the date! Once these are in place we get the ball rolling on how we can turn your wedding day magical.
  • How do you handle audio/music in your videos?
    We are audio HOGS. We LOVE audio, during the wedding day we capture as much audio and dialogue as humanly possible. When it comes down to editing we usually choose the music ourselves that fit the vibe of the wedding, we also have a questionnaire that our clients fill out that lead us into what kind of music they are into as well. Listen, we will NEVER put country music in your wedding film if you guys don't like country, we make sure it fits your vibe and bill of the wedding! As far as speeches go, we all want our MOH and BM speech in the film, but sometimes they just don't deliver them well... like at all. So in some cases we may only include bits and pieces of it, or the final cheers. It ultimately depends on the speech delivery, what is said, and how it correlates to the vibe of the wedding day and film!
  • Are there any hidden costs we should be aware of?
    Absolutely not, we are a open book. What you see on the packages is what you pay for! There is only added charges when you want to add-on to the package/upgrade the package.
  • What is your policy on privacy and sharing footage online?
    That is completely up to our clients! A lot of our clients opt for us to keep their wedding film private, where they share it online themselves to have control over who views it. Our contract states we share it online, but in cases where you may not want it online we can change up the contract for your peace of mind!
  • How do you ensure our wedding video looks its best in different lighting conditions?
    Not every venue is the same, which is why we bring a ton lighting equipment with us to weddings. We utilize these lights for the dance floor, and speeches most of the time. For the Ceremony and other "dark areas" we do not light - AT ALL. Unless we can do it discreetly. Our cameras are top of the line and can practically see in the dark, so from a dark church - to under a tent your ceremony and other shots are captured perfectly!
  • What happens if the weather is poor during our wedding day?
    I hate to admit it, but we put our equipment through the ringer. Whether its pouring rain, snowing, hailing. We are up to do anything you guys are willing to do! We bring Rain covers, umbrellas, and more protective gear to all of our weddings so we can be prepared for anything!
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