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About Needle Media Wedding Videographer

My name is Ryan Needle, Owner of Needle Media. I started Needle Media in 2012 with a passion of making videos on YouTube. These videos were extreme BMX content with a wacky twist. I have successfully gained over 130K subscribers during my time. I've traveled all along the east coast with my BMX and visited many amazing places, in 2015 I found myself needing something more, and something more challenging. This is where Weddings came into play. After a year of investing and learning about the industry, I shot my first wedding in 2016. Katie and Mike, and from there I knew it was meant for me. I am a thrill-seeker at heart, and weddings give me that thrill. With having a personality online delivering entertaining, fun content to 130K+ subscribers, I like to believe it reflects into our work that makes us truly unique.


Weddings in Syracuse NY

We have shot over 200 weddings in our time in Syracuse NY, We truly believe we cater to those who simply just want there wedding day filmed right with no horsing around. We started out as the Videographer that just simply captures everything and delivers everything- No fuss. And we developed a theme where when we shoot we capture everything correctly, and we make sure it looks AMAZING in the camera. Using this theme allows us to deliver high quality amazing looking RAW footage to our clients. Over the years we discovered that there is a undeniable story within every wedding, from hardships, to the stress, there's so much that goes unseen that deserves to be told in a film. We pride our work and ourselves on the emotion, and having a great time doing it. 


Wedding Videographer Camera Gear

We are constantly investing back into the business. We run things lean to ensure that our quality and our work is able to be seen for a lifetime. With the evolution of technology every day we want to be able to watch our films in high quality in 50-60 years. When your parents wedding was filmed in 1980s on a VHS Recorder, and you try to play it back in todays world... well good luck. We are constantly investing in storage options, and gear to ensure your wedding is safe for our lifetime.

Our Gear

Camera Body's:

  Canon C70, R5C, R6, Canon 5Div, BMPCC


  Sigma 18-35mm, 35 Prime, 50 Prime

  Canon RF 24-70, 85 Prime, 100mm Prime

  Canon EF 70-200, 24-70, 15mm, 

  Sigma Cine Lens Line up


  Zoom h4n

  Zoom h2n

  4x Tascam DR10L

  4x Rode Videomic Pro

  Zoom H6


Rigs, and Stabalization:

  DJI Ronin RS3 Pro

  Camvate Slider w/ Manfrotto 502 Head

  EasyRig Minimax

  Tilta Float System

Tripods and more:

  2x SmallRig Tripod

  2x Manfrotto 502 Tripods

  4x Manfrotto Fluid heads

  2x Manfrotto Monopod

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