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Timothy and Jessica Wedding Day Highlight

Congratulations Tim and Jess! What an amazing wedding. It was an honor to be apart of there big day and capture all there special moments. Getting to know Tim and Jess throughout there wedding day it was clear they were so down to earth and you can just tell how deeply in love they were. There was so many amazing shots and so many amazing parts of there wedding it was incredible hard to splice it into 3 minutes. As the day went on working with this couple, we were able to work fast and make it easy for them as the weather working out PERFECT. As the night ended and I was packing up leaving Tim said "Thank you for making it easy for us, we don't really do well with cameras but you made it so easy and painless so thank you" Tim and Jess had so much genuine feelings for each other it made our job so much easier, along with this the bridal party being a crazy fun crowd it was like icing on the cake! Thank you Tim and Jess! It was hands down magical! Congratulations and here's to happily ever after! #LeveledUp

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