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Cooper and Julia Wedding Day Highlight

Cooper and Julia have truly earned the title as a power couple. Throughout the tough times of Covid-19 Cooper and Julia showed no fear as there wedding day was approaching. Cooper and Julia were able to plan out not only a wedding, but a safe party with all the craziness going on. Cooper and Julia are truly an amazing and strong team. Knowing this couple from talking and during their wedding day its clear to see how in love they are, which makes my job easier. This was one of the first weddings in a while it was hard for me to create a story for in a video. They have over 4 hours of footage where every second is just completely beautiful and magical. With such an amazing supporting family by there side it was just icing on the cake! Take a look at their beautiful day below! You won't regret it! Congratulations Cooper and Julia, and heres to happily ever after!

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