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Casaundra and Ken Wedding Day

Congratulations Cassie and Ken! Hands down one of the most action packed weddings! Working with this couple Cassie wanted to make sure she got the right videographer, one of the first things she has said was "My nephew is singing when I walk down the isle" and of course that was very exciting to us, as it spices things up for us and allows us to shoot a lot more content, Then Cassie told us after that she was arriving to her Wedding Ceremony on a boat! From the moment she said that it was like icing on the cake! Such a thought out ceremony and amazing place to be especially for a videographer! We were very excited to shoot this amazing couples wedding day. The best part about this wedding overall was working with Cassie and Ken and making something magical! Thank you Cassie and Ken and Congratulations! Heres to Happily ever after!

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