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My name is Ryan Needle, Owner of Needle Media. I started Needle Media in 2012 with a passion of making videos on YouTube. These videos were extreme BMX content with a wacky twist. I have successfully gained over 130K subscribers during my time. I've traveled all along the east coast with my BMX and visited many amazing places, in 2015 I found myself needing something more, and something more challenging. This is where Weddings came into play. After a year of investing and learning about the industry, I shot my first wedding in 2016. Katie and Mike, and from there I knew it was meant for me. I am a thrill-seeker at heart, and weddings give me that thrill. With having a personality online delivering entertaining, fun content to 130K+ subscribers, I like to believe it reflects into our work that makes us truly unique.


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I am a dog lover (Occasionally cats) and I have a Pomsky, his name is Dexter. Dexter is a psychopath and has an unlimited amount of energy. To be honest, I can't catch a break.

I have a passion for cars (big surprise) and more importantly I have a passion for fast cars. In 2020 during covid, I built a 600+hp Audi TT AWD with 4 slicks.

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And more importantly, I love my job. As a visual artist Videographer, we capture moments using the artistic eye to enhance every click of the camera shutter. I have learned over the years to work fast and diligent, as you never know if you can get another chance at a perfect picture or video. I have learned to get it right and perfect in the camera before editing. I know our raw shots look good so we give you ALL the raw photos and videos, there isn't a moment we miss! We define ourselves as very modern, as trends change every often we make sure to stay updated to ensure we make each picture and video unique. 

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I love coffee.

and my girlfriend

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