Our Style









Being well known for being one of the biggest YouTubers in Syracuse, we use this same artistic and fun style in all of our shoots. This makes every shoot different and unique in its own way. We are just simply fun and easy to work with!

As a visual artist we capture moments, using the artistic eye to enhance every click of the camera shutter. We have learned over the years to work fast and diligent, as you never know if you can get another chance at a perfect picture or video. We have learned to get it right and perfect in the camera before editing. We know our raw shots look good so we give you ALL the raw photos and videos, there isn't a moment we miss! We define ourselves as very modern, as trends change every often we make sure to stay updated to ensure we make each picture and video unique. 

AOXO shoot 2-6.jpg
Dane Jumping.jpg
finished Portrait-9.jpg

We have learned many different types of shooting! From shooting in a studio all the way to shooting pitch black at night! Using skills and some tricks we have learned down this road we are prepared for anything we get thrown at us. Our style is to make sure you view your shoot EXACTLY how you want it. We shoot to have amazing quality, dynamic range, and stunning work. There is no shoot too big or too small, we always love a project. 


How do you vision your shoot? Let us know we would love to hear your ideas!