Throughout my life I have always had a passion for what has sculpted me today. Growing up my parents owned a photography business (AlterImage Photography) where I started to assist and work for since the age of 14. Ever since my first wedding, to 250 and counting I have developed a motive for Photography and Videography, learning the tricks and trade of Photography from my father, and learning Videography on my own and various Professional Videographers. During my Photography career I have accumulated over 30 awards, achieving excellence in visual arts I have achieved honors in Nikons award of Emerging Photographers of 2015 and 2016, while being published in Photographers Forum Magazines. Growing up I managed to become the child that loved creativity and adrenaline rushes, putting these two characteristics together founded me with my BMX career. As can be seen on my YouTube Channel Needle Media you will find a vast amount of raw video documenting every moment of my life and hobbies including BMX. Today I am living my definition of "the dream" by being able to portray my passion for the things I love into a job. Thanks for stopping by!



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